1st Central Thematic Workshop “Investing in health and wellbeing, an opportunity to implement innova

Nicosia Development Agency, the Lead Partner of the HoCare Interreg Europe Project, participated to the 1st central Thematic Workshop entitled “Investing in health and wellbeing, an opportunity to implement innovative solutions, create growth and jobs while providing better services” organized by the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform TO1 (Research and Innovation) on the 28th of June in Brussels. The event took place at the premises of the Committee of the Regions. The workshop was a “closed” event (upon invitation only) targeting the IR-E projects and the MAs of the Structural Funds involved in their partnerships to discuss latest developments and challenges in the field and how IR-E can contribute to growth and jobs. Five (5) Interreg Europe projects which deal with HealthCare aging population and wellbeing (HoCARE, HELIUM, TITTAN, ITHACA, ELISE) while other (Erudite, OSIRIS, INKREASE, Monitoris3, Clusterix 2.0, ecoRIS3, MARIE) with related challenges have participated to the event as well as relevant bodies (European Commission, Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat, Committee of the Regions) and other European Networks.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To showcase how innovation and R&D support policies can contribute to create new jobs and growth while solving societal challenges;

  2. To start a networking and exchange process among Interreg Europe projects and other relevant players/public actors;

  3. To exchange and discuss novel approaches, practices and policies from inside and outside Interreg Europe partnerships focusing on service sector;

  4. To define a common roadmap between Interreg Europe projects and the PLP;

  5. To strengthen relationships with MAs and facilitate capitalization.

Significant outcomes were resulted through the workshop discussions and milestones were set for future cooperation.

The organization of the Workshop was an outcome by a process of cooperation on Interreg Europe projects level initiated by the HoCare Project Lead Partner and the Policy Learning Platform TO1.

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