HoCare: Slovenia hosted 3rd Thematic workshop

More than 100 participants attended 2-day International Thematic Workshop of HoCare project which took place in Ljubljana and Litija (Slovenia) between 7th and 8th June 2017, organized by Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia. The focus of the workshop was on bringing innovative home care solutions quicker to the market by using quadruple-helix approach. Besides project partners and stakeholders from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania, many Slovenian actors from the field of innovative solutions for home care attended the event.

The workshop in Slovenia was the third in a row of HoCare thematic workshops each focusing on a specific thematic. First and second thematic workshop took place in Madeira and in Budapest. More than 260 participants in total from businesses sector, research institutions, public authorities and representatives of end users attended all three thematic workshops. Within HoCare partners from 8 above mentioned European countries cooperate with a goal to elaborate policy recommendations and action plans for generation of innovative solutions and services in the field of home care.

As a Slovenian good practice a new service E-Care was presented at the thematic workshop by Telekom Slovenije, communications service provider in Slovenia. Peter Pustatičnik and Suzana Leben from Telekom Slovenije explained that E-care is a modular solution that effectively supports the quality living of elderly, people with disabilities, patients with chronic diseases and persons with dementia for more independent stay in their home. The service helps prevent the premature departure in institutional care. Presentation of E-care.

Representatives of national public authorities and institutions attended the event at Telekom Slovenije in Ljubljana on the first day and participated in the discussion about home care in Slovenia: Andreja Črnak Meglič from Office of Slovenian Prime Minister, Tatjana Buzeti from Ministry of Health, Davor Dominkuš from Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Marjan Sušelj from The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia and Dominika Oroszy from University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

The second day the event took place in Litija moderated by Ladeja Godina Košir and Igor Košir. Director of Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia Aleksandra Gradišek and Mayor of Litija Municipality Franci Rokavec welcomed the participants in Intergenerational Centre Šmelc. Vesna Dolničar from Faculty of Social Sciences, Peter Pustatičnik from Telekom Slovenije, Vida Lukač from Home for Elderly Tisje and Simon Rener from Institute Oreli participated in the discussion about the accesibility to quality services of home care.

Later that afternoon participants attended 4 interactive working groups each focusing on different good practice from Slovenia, Hungary and Portugal. The workshop discussions focused on methods and ways of boosting innovations in healthcare and bringing innovative home care solutions quicker to the market. Third International thematic workshop on home care organized in Slovenia offered many opportunities to exchange experiences and good practices in the field of innovative solutions for home care among participants from different European regions. There will be 27 good practices identified during the HoCare project which will be transferable to other regions.

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