Following the recent economic crisis, our societies face many complications and challenges. The local government, being faithful to its role, is asked to put into practice the collective vision of the society, to provide hope and, at the same time, create opportunities for all citizens. The needs of the municipalities for participation in European projects and the admission that the capacity of municipalities to financial absorption is poor, led Nicosia District municipalities to the establishment and creation of the Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL).

ANEL forms the most useful and successful tool of its member municipalities to stimulate and strengthen local communities and, as an extension, local economies. It is an organization that was created by Local Authorities and has the ability support them into claiming resources from a variety of available funding schemes.

The main objective of the Nicosia Development Agency is the provision of support to its member municipalities for planning and claiming funds through European or other funding Programs towards the implementation of innovative projects or actions, on the basis of its member municipalities needs aiming at the sustainable development of the local societies in the area of Greater Nicosia.

It is clear to us that the revenues of the municipalities being reduced, the only significant reliable financial source is the participation in European projects and raising funds from the Structural Funds for implementing projects that would upgrade the quality of citizens’ life. Local government as a whole can achieve the increase in the rate of absorption of European funds in such a way to succeed in boosting the development of local economy.

The efforts of ANEL, in cooperation with scientific and other organizations, target the support of its member municipalities in planning and timely maturing projects and actions which may become eligible under operational programs.

The organization has already proven its capabilities and great experience in this field, therefore we will keep working on the same level setting up long-term higher targets!

Christos Pittaras

Board of Directors
Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL)

Mayor of Latsia